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DISC Certification – 4 Part Live Web Series

by Master DISC Certification Trainer, Bonnie Burn

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4 Part Live – Web Series – Schedule
There is a Pre-work Group Coaching Webinar Prior to the Series.
January Web Series
Thurs Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15
April Web Series
Thurs Apr 19, 26, May 3, 10
July Web Series
Thurs Jul 19, 26, Aug 2, 9
October Web Series
Thurs Oct 11, 18, 25, Nov 1

Designed and facilitated by Master DISC Certification Trainer, Bonnie Burn – DISCcert Inc.

Only $2195

4 Part – Live Webinar Series – Program Overview

Participants     HR/Trainers Who Choose to Teach DISC for Maximum Impact
Features           Highly interactive, Self-Study Assignments, Coaching, Skill Practice

Webinar #1 DISC Background, Model Assessment & DISC Report/Workbook

  • What is the DISC model? DISC assessment? DISC report? DISC style?
  • How to interpret Graphs with competence
  • How to use the DISC Report/Workbook to motivate learners

Webinar #2 DISC Training PPT with Scripted Leader Notes and Lesson Plans

  • How to easily use DISC PPT with Support Materials
  • Use Lesson Plan – Action Worksheet to Customize Program
  • Handling most common DISC Objections during a Training Session

Webinar #3 DISC Scripted Coaching Worksheet with DISC Report/Workbook    

  • What is practical and realistic Pre-work?
  • What Prep Steps are essential prior to a DISC Coaching Session?
  • How to handle “push-back” during a DISC Coaching Session

Webinar #4 Implementing DISC for Team-building, Leadership, Sales Skills

  • How to Implement DISC Program for long Term Success
  • Which Learning Activities are Most Effective for Your Training Objectives
  • What Criteria to Consider when Designing a Successful DISC Follow-up

DISC Certification Program Includes  

  • Pre-work, 4 Live Webinars for Content
  • Follow-up Assignments, 4 Weekly Small Group Coaching Sessions
  • E-DISC Book; People Smarts in Business,6 Complimentary DISC Assessments

Additional Bonus Resources

  • Report is Also a DISC Workbook (Includes 5 Learning Activities)
  • Access to over 200 Free DISC Training Resources (& you can customize!)
  • Monthly DISC (Seasoned DISC Trainers share Best Practices)
  • Automated Weekly DISC Tips (10 Scenario Series; e.g. Change, Meeting, Emails)
  • DISCcert Connections (Facebook Page for you to connect with other DISC Trainers)
  • Free Follow-up Coaching (With Trainer; just schedule or call or email Bonnie)
  • Free Admin Site & Technical Follow-up (To order Assessments & Track)

Program Fee                                   $2,195 Per Attendee

DISC Assessments                        $42 each with Volume Discounts Available

Special for New Graduates       $25 during Program & for additional 15 days

                                                No limit or expiration date

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