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Bonnie Burn Master DISC Certification Trainer

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Certification Trainer?

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2 Day Classroom Program

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Preview of DISC Certification 2 Day Program

DISC Training Applications

Just think how great it would it be to know just one powerful assessment so well that you could use it successfully for:

  • Change Management – Provide the practical DISC model so others realize they have choice!
  • Coaching – Discover how to use the DISC to help others reach their real potential consistently!
  • Conflict Resolution – See how to use the DISC to magically dissipate tension & mistrust!
  • Customer Service – Use the DISC to show how one can determine how to exceed expectations.
  • Diversity Training – Present how having contrasting DISC Styles is a major positive position.
  • Hiring – Learn how to train others to use the DISC to find the right fit the first time around!
  • Leadership Programs – You’ll be amazed yourself how you can truly empower using the DISC!
  • Management Skills – Show your Managers how to easily motivate their staff!
  • Managing Up – Use the DISC to clearly describe the behaviors needed to win receptivity!
  • Mergers, Acquisitions – Using the DISC to help others understand their coping needs.
  • Mentoring – Discover how to exponentially propel your fast trackers with success!
  • New Employee Orientation – Teach your new members how to be communication experts!
  • On-Boarding – Provide essential DISC insight so new member is set-up for success!
  • Performance Development Plans – Show the employee there IS a better way to communicate!
  • Retreats – Facilitate a session where powerful personal & professional insights are discovered.
  • Sales Training – You’ll be able to even show your Sales Managers how to increase their sales!
  • Team building – Learn how to masterfully transform a dysfunctional team with the DISC!

What is DISC?

DISC is a highly validated, user-friendly behavior model that explains Why people do what they do!

The DISC assessment is a simple, practical, and highly accurate tool that measures communication behaviors. It first helps us to understand our own styles, and then equally as important, how to enhance communications with others. It does not measure intelligence, values, or performance, but rather encourages us to explore all behavior styles and appreciate the differences. By learning how to read other people’s styles you can modify the way you interact and as a result, enhance the effectiveness of your messages. 


The DISC Model

The DISC refers to the four core sets of behavior patterns (styles, languages); Dominant, Influence, Steady and Conscientious. The first letter of each of the patterns creates an easy to remember acronym:


The various combinations of the four determine our own natural (native) DISC communication style (language.)  No combination is better than another.

Each behavior style has a significantly different priority or orientation.  Each priority denotes a specific focus that generates personal energy and motivation, and as a result there is a wide variance in the preferences to act.

DISC Certification-DISC-Styles-Poster

DISC Certification by DISCcert™ Inc. 

Guaranteed Success – See Videos Below

Shelly Yocum“Create a DISC Culture”
(60 min)
Shelly Yocum
Sr. Director Workplace Learning and Performance
ASU Enterprise Partners

“DISC Tools &Techniques”Mary Quinn
(60 Min)
Mary Quinn
Learning & Development Specialist
Essex Property Trust, Inc.

“Keeping DISC Alive”Melissa Master Holder
(60 Min)
Melissa Master-Holder
Sr VP of Learning & OD
LPL Financial

“How to Ensure DISC Training Success!”Melinda McGrath
(60 Min)
Melinda McGrath
HR Director

“Humor. Anchor Learning. Powerful Images”Tammy Vetter
(60 Min)
Tammy M Vetter
Senior Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness
MedStar Health

How Microsoft Uses DISCAnn Smith
(6:19 Min)
Ann Smith
Former Microsoft L&D Manager

Jessica Ordonez Steenblock

Bonnie brings a wealth of knowledge to any training and development setting, especially the DISC certification which she is not only passionate about, but she is also the industry’s best trainer at DISC. I have worked with Bonnie in the past in training and development for over 5 years and in those years she was instrumental in the development of our hotel managers. I personally have participated in some of Bonnie’s training programs and having been a Corporate training manager in the past myself, I have great respect for the work that Bonnie does and the passion behind her work as a professional.

Jessica Ordonez-Steenblock, Director of Human Resources at Montage Hotels & Resorts – LB
Kathryn H. Rippy

If DISC is what you’re looking for, DISCcert is hands down the best option. Bonnie is fantastic. The certification session is enlightening, useful, full of great tools and opportunities to practice, and a great opportunity to network and meet others who are also bring the DISC into their organizations. Bonnie does a phenomenal job of offering job aids, tools, and resources for every possible need and in her certification sessions she is a master of experiential learning. She walks you through a step-by-step process for understanding the report, providing feedback, and making the styles come to life in a room full of people. A rare gem. Completely worth every penny. And it doesn’t stop there, DISCcert is always a phone call or email away, extremely responsive, and committed to a lifetime of support as you bring DISC to life in your own organization or consulting practice.

Kathryn H. Rippy, M.S., Director, Organization Development The Centre for Organization Effectiveness
Tammy Vetter

While I was certified by another DISC company, I am so glad that I completed my DISC certification with DISCcert, Inc. I evaluated multiple DISC assessment companies and I chose DISCcert, Inc. because the website was easy to use and the assessment feedback was worded in a positive and developmental way so that participants could internalize the feedback and grow from the experience.Additionally, there is a wealth of resources available for facilitators, including follow up learning reinforcers to send after a day of the training. Bonnie Burn is a wonderful Master DISC Certification Trainer that is interested in you growing your people, so your organization’s culture is thriving with communication successes.

Tammy Vetter, Senior Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness with MedStar Health
Tracy Ward

Bonnie has exceptional energy and brings that to the classroom. I greatly enjoyed becoming DISC certified through her program; it is a tremendous tool and Bonnie is an expert in this field! August 3, 2011

Tracy Ward, SPHR-CA, GPHR, CHA, RRP, Human Resources and Risk Management Professional

Bonnie is amazing! I attended her DISC certification course over a year ago and have been working with her ever since. She is not only a fantastic facilitator, but she has also become my mentor. I am always going to her for questions and to get her expertise. She is so knowledgeable and patient. I truly can’t believe how much time she has invested in me and in all her students to make sure they are successful with DISC. I am now incorporating DISC at my workplace and it’s an absolute hit. I am always in touch with Bonnie for tips and tricks and really don’t know what I’d do without her. So grateful I went with Bonnie to get certified rather than any other place, her dedication to her students is truly one of a kind. I definitely recommend her for anything DISC related. She will not disappoint! May 30, 2013

Parisa Ezzatyar, Training and Development Manager at Yahoo!
Vanessa Settle

Bonnie is the person to go to for DISC. Her training is fun, thorough and she remains in contact long after your certification. She builds relationships, is a great networker, and is very responsive if you have questions or issues. Has been invaluable to me and my team as we roll out DISC to our organization.

Vanessa Settle, Director, Learning & Development at Brandman University – Chapman University System

Bonnie’s company DISCert is the place to go for DISC certification training. She provides an in-depth, comprehensive program to her participants in an interactive, fun and engaging atmosphere. I was originally certified in August 2007, and re-certified with her newly enhanced program in January 2012 to help keep my skills up to date. I’ve facilitated the DISC behavioral assessment training in many venues since 2007, including corporate and non-profit organizations which are surprised by it’s reach and impact to their bottom line success.

I highly recommend Bonnie for her knowledge, expertise and strategic focus in bringing success to any organization. She has a passion for helping individuals and teams communicate effectively and make a positive impact on her client companies. June 17, 2013

Kristin Graham, Strategic HR Consultant, Coaching, Consulting, Facilitated Learning & Development

Our organization at Microsoft has had great success in implementing DISCcert’s DISC assessment program,” said Ann Smith, Microsoft’s Learning and Development Manager for Legal and Corporate Affairs. “We offer a DISC communication styles class to teams within our department. One of our greatest successes has been in using DISCcert’s DISC email decoding learning activity. We receive feedback from managers and department heads about how they have immediately applied this concept in their working environment.

Ann Smith, Former Microsoft L&D Manager

When I first introduced the DISC to the County of San Diego in 2010, I thought I might have some difficulty getting people to understand that is it not a personality test and embrace the benefits of knowing each other’s work/communication styles. On the contrary, each group I introduced the DISC Assessment to talked about how easy it was to understand. Now 3 years later, with the help of 2 other County DISC Certified Trainers, almost 900 County employees have completed the DISC Assessment and attended the training. In April of this year, the County leadership team took the DISC and received an executive briefing. Because of the ease in understanding and applying the DISC styles, I hear people “talking DISC” wherever I go. It brings a smile to my face! Thank you Bonnie for the incredible training you provided in your two day DISC Certification Program.. and the continued guidance and mentoring afterwards!

Anne Calle, Human Resource Manager with County of San Diego
Colette Shea

Dear Bonnie,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users:

Bonnie’s two day certification program provides the participant with a wide variety of tools, materials and practice in a fun and lively environment. At the end of the program you will feel confident and prepared to effectively use the tool to coach and develop employees at all levels. Bonnie is a true master of DISC and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Colette Shea, Human Resources Leader
Sandy Crays

Bonnie is an exceptional trainer! I would encourage any company to take advantage of this excellent program.

Sandy Crays, HR Manager – North America – John Deere Water

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