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Bonnie Burn

Master DISC Certification Facilitator

Learn from the DISC Certification Master Herself.

Bonnie Burn is an Author, Speaker, and Behavior Analyst. She has personally trained, developed, and DISC Certified over 900+ Trainers and HR Professionals.

Her Training Talent lies in her 30 years of in-depth DISC Mastery culminating in our Hallmark e-Learning DISC Train-the-Trainer Certification Academy.

Not all DISC Certification Programs are created equal. Don’t settle for less – work with the Industry-leading DISC Certification Trainer.

As a Training or HR Professional,
Is the DISCcert Academy right for you?

Have you tried and tried to no avail to solve Leadership and Team Issues?

You will learn how to teach your Leaders and Teams to communicate from personal power rather than position power. Using DISC Strategies will be key to successfully developing Respect and Trust throughout the Organization.

Does Low Morale and Increased Turnover still plague your Organization?

After Certification, your DISC Trainings will show Employees how to resolve conflict. In fact, they will learn to stretch and avoid conflict. Resulting in increased collaboration and motivation.

Have you spent too much money and time on Training Programs, with no ROI?

We get it. It takes 4 hours of prep for every 1 hour of Presenting. That’s why we’ve put together over 300+ DISC Resources to assist you before, during, and after your Certification.

The #1 DISC Certification team in the market according to our customers

Meet the DISCcert Academy Team

Why DISCcert Certification is #1

Not all DISC Certification Programs are created equal.
DISCcert Academy brings you the Best of the Best

Online DISC Certification Academy

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DISCcert DISC Report Features

Meet the DISCcert Academy Team

DISCcert Positions You for DISC Training Success

See the results our clients are creating

Empowering leaders for long-term success

See the results we’ve created for our clients.

DISCcert is our #1 choice for getting our trainers certified in DISC. Bonnie is a master at virtual training and models how to teach the topic through your own expertise. Our Trainers come out of DISCcert Certification Training completely prepared to teach.

~ Moira Shaughnessy

Academy Manager, Leadership Development Division, SIc

DISCcert Positions You for DISC Training Success

See the results our clients are creating

After certifying with DISCcert, I felt ready to apply the facilitation techniques I had learned. From the very first training, DISC was well-received. In fact, if I could teach DISC every day, I’d say, “Sign me up!” I also found that direct access to Bonnie was invaluable.

Her expertise in facilitation was evident, and every exercise taught, not only DISC concepts, but how to facilitate the teaching of those concepts. For example, if someone was disagreeing with their assessment results, Bonnie suggested simply asking questions. I’ve found this facilitation technique dials down their defensiveness so that they don’t feel pigeon-holed.

~ Michelle Benvensti

Senior Director Learning and Development, DI

Empowering leaders for long-term success

See the results our clients are creating

I took DISCcert’s Certification training about three years ago and have used what I learned ever since. Before choosing DISCcert, I researched other DISC Certification Academies and chose DISCcert because of how it was structured, with time to practice in between each learning session. I also feel DISCcert’s customizable tools are extremely helpful. My team leaders love the team report, which allows them to see the DISC Styles of their entire team on one page.

I recently started sending my trainers through Bonnie’s academy and DISC is quickly becoming part of our culture here.

~ Leona Newell

VP of Human Resources, High I

Get DISCcert Certified
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Register for DISCcert Academy


Complete e-Learning Portal Assignments


Attend 6 Live Group Coaching Sessions


Answer Open-Book Exam


DISC is an acronym for the four Communication styles that make up the DISC model of behavior: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. DISC helps organizations improve communication, manage conflict, increase productivity, and develop a positive workplace culture. 

E-Learning – 12 Hours
(Allow 2 hours a week for completing your e-Learning Assignments.)

Small Group Coaching Zoom Sessions – 9 Hours
(6 consecutive Wednesdays @ 90 Min. each. 9-10:30 am PST)

At DISCcert, we don’t just send you a training video or run you through the DISC Report and tell you ‘Good luck!” 

Our Premier e-Learning Portal is extremely comprehensive and highly interactive. Program includes practice sessions. All materials have an ROI orientation. Receive access to over 300 Free DISC Training Tools and Resources that no other DISC company offers. DISCcert also distributes weekly DISC Tips and Trainer Video Tips. Clients can contact us anytime and talk to a real person to get the answers and support you need.

DISCcert is for seasoned Trainers, HR Executives and HR Professionals who are looking for successful strategies to improve Leadership Effectiveness, Team Productivity, Employee Morale, and so much more!

Yes! Understanding and appreciating different viewpoints creates a better work environment. When we can respect that someone else has a different Communication Style, we position ourselves to successfully communicate with them. (Rather than setting up for a competitive or judgemental scenario).

  • Minimum of 2 years of HR or Training experience. 
  • Conducted at least 5 informal Coaching Sessions.
  • Confident in using PPT during Training.