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Is DISC Certification right for you?

Have you tried and tried to no avail to solve Leadership and Team Issues?

You will learn how to teach your Leaders and Teams to communicate from personal power rather than position power. Using DISC Strategies will be key to successfully developing Respect and Trust throughout the Organization.

Does Low Morale and Increased Turnover still plague your Organization?

After Certification, your DISC Training will show Employees how to resolve conflict. In fact, they will learn to stretch and avoid conflict resulting in increased collaboration and motivation.

Have you spent too much money and time on Training Programs, with no ROI?

We get it. It takes 4 hours of prep for every 1 hour of Presenting. That’s why we have curated a comprehensive DISC Resources Library to support you throughout your Certification journey. Gain access to Certified Trainer Material, such as Debrief Guides, PowerPoint presentations, marketing materials, and more, to assist you before, during, and after your certification process.

Become a Certified Assessment Practitioner

DISC Assessment Certification

Position Yourself for DISC Training Success

See the results our clients are creating

Empowering leaders for long-term success

See the results we’ve created for our clients.

“One of the best business decisions I made as a certified coach was to explore the solutions offered by Assessments 24×7. The online certification courses, forums, training materials and support are world-class. Additionally, the assessment reports are personally branded and easy to assess. Working with Assessments 24×7 has supercharged my coaching practice and they’ve become an integral extension of my professional service offering. I highly recommend Assessments 24 x 7 to any coach, consultant, or corporate trainer looking for a one-stop solution that will ensure their business continues to innovate and stay forward-thinking.”

- Susan Merli

Founder & CEO Authentika Consulting Inc.

DISCcert Positions You for DISC Training Success

See the results our clients are creating

“I worked with other assessments companies for five years before finally making the decision to partner exclusively with Assessments 24×7. This has proven to be a strategically sound decision for growing my training and coaching division. The array of ASI validated tools Assessments24x7 provides has not only been extremely helpful to my business, they have helped me expose and reduce more of my own blind spots.”

- Kevin McCarthy, CSP

Keynote Speaker / Author / Trainer / Coach [email protected] www.KevinMcCarthy.com

Empowering leaders for long-term success

See the results our clients are creating

“We are happy to recommend Assessments 24×7 for your assessment needs. Purchasing the assessments was probably one of the best decisions we’ve made so far. They have been a great tool to help guide our hiring efforts, and the results are spot-on.”

- Mamawa Daboh

Operations Manager Respace

Become a Certified Practitioner in 6 Easy Steps

Getting started is simple.

    • 1. Take the Online DISC Assessment
    • 2. Receive a personal DISC Report Debrief from one
      of our Trainers
    • 3. Independent Review of Select Self-Study Documents
  • 4. Review the online Resources for DISC Trainers
  • 5. Complete the 10-part DISC Virtual Training Program and all phases of the DISC Communications Coach training
  • 6. DISC Final Knowledge Check and certification call


DISC is an acronym for the four Communication styles that make up the DISC model of behavior: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. DISC helps organizations improve communication, manage conflict, increase productivity, and develop a positive workplace culture. 

Assessments 24×7 is proud that its DISC assessment may currently be the world’s only assessment independently tested – by a qualified third party – for Construct Validity, Reliability, and Disparate Impact. Our DISC assessment meets APA, EEOC, AERA, and NCME standards. Our DISC assessment’s independent test results are transparently shared here. A recent study by the Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) concluded the great majority of assessments being produced and sold today lack testing to substantiate their scientific claims. While it’s important to compare sample reports, we strongly encourage consumers to request the assessment provider’s Construct Validity, Reliability, and Disparate Impact reporting. If this reporting does not exist, or the testing was conducted by the assessment provider themselves, the consumer should remain skeptical of any scientific claims of validity and reliability.

DISC plays a vital role in employee selection. At Assessments 24×7, our DISC assessment meets EEOC standards for class protection and is frequently used as one part of the employee selection process. See our Hiring and Selection service, HireSense, to learn more. HireSense includes our DISC Benchmark System, where our members can benchmark applicants’ DISC styles against hundreds of preexisting job benchmarks. Our DISC Benchmark System also allows users to create custom benchmarks. Additionally, our HireSense technology and reports are an integration three Assessments: DISC, Motivators, and Critical Thinking (Hartman)

It’s a common misconception that DISC is the intellectual property of only one company. DISC is the byproduct of psychologist Moulton Marston’s research, and his book, Emotions of Normal People. In the decades that have followed, Marston’s research has spawned a number of behavioral assessments. DISC is what is commonly referred to as “open-source research.” This means that anyone can produce a questionnaire with report, and call it a DISC assessment – whether it’s been scientifically validated or not. Assessments 24×7 is one of the world’s few “source providers” of DISC that has been validated by an independent third party for Construct Validity, Reliability, and Disparate Impact.